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What to do in Chiriquí?


Chiriquí is one of the ten Provinces of Panama. Its capital is the city of David.
The province of Chiriquí is located in the western sector of Panama, with the Bocas del Toro province and the Ngäbe-Buglé region to the north, to the west the Republic of Costa Rica (province of Puntarenas), to the east the province of Veraguas and to the south the Pacific Ocean.
Chiriquí has ​​an area of ​​6,547.7 km². It has some rivers such as Palo Alto, Caldera, Chiriquí Nuevo, Chiriquí Viejo River, the Valleys, Cochea River, Colga River, Papayal River, Agua Blanca River, Piedra River, David River, Fonseca River, San Felix River, Tabazará River. It borders to the north with Bocas del Toro and the Ngabe Bugle region to the west with Costa Rica, to the east with Veraguas and to the south with the Pacific Ocean.

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