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What is HRC?

HRC (Hotel Residencial Cervantes) is a charming hotel in the City of David, Chiriquí, Panama that was born a few years ago with a very clear mission "Offer elegance, quality and comfort at the best price". Our founder and manager had the vision of changing the concept of hotel in the city of David when he realized that in the city there was no hotel that combined excellent quality with the lowest price, based on that he created the new concept of Hotel Residential Cervantes. Our main goal is to offer rooms at the best price in the City without forgetting the importance of the quality and warmth of a good service. Our frequent clients know the value of our service and that is why we are always their first option to stay.

We are a small hotel of 26 rooms and thanks to the size of the hotel we can offer a very personalized service that fits the needs of all our guests. We are located in the city center, one block away from the famous Cervantes Park and right in the heart of David's Financial District.

We have very spacious rooms for all kinds of tastes and needs, our variety of rooms can accommodate from 1 to 6 people. In addition to offering an excellent low cost service, we offer free services for all our guests such as:

- Excellent location in the city center

- Parking lot
- Wifi
- 24 hour security

- Hot water

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